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2022 gathering of Sodality members at Keble College Oxford

Sodalitas Mariae Matris Sacerdotum

Sodality of Mary

Mother of Priests

Mother of God of Clemency by Yvonne Bell

Mother of God of Clemency by Yvonne Bell

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Established in 2016, the Sodality arose out of a need in the Church of England for an organisation open to all priests, that was Anglo-Catholic in its spirituality and practices.


Today, we have members from across the worldwide Anglican Communion who want to grow in holiness by sharing in prayer and devotion, in learning and in fellowship, and who seek to renew our Anglo-Catholic heritage and look to the heroic priests of the past to inspire us and strengthen us.

We meet together in person with regular meetings in Great Britain, North America & Australia, and using Zoom & WhatsApp.

There are 3 different ways individuals can connect with the Sodality,

  • Members - for Priests from anywhere within the Anglican Communion

  • Aspirant - for Ordinands, Deacons and Priests who wish to explore becoming members

  • Associates - for those who would like to walk along side us, including monastics and those from other Christian denominations

Sodality Prayer

Father, in your love for us you chose Mary to be the Mother of your Son,

the first to welcome Him into her heart and bring Him forth for a waiting world.

Grant us such a measure of her grace as to be truly devoted to your Word.

By the loving intercession of Our Lady, reconsecrate us each day

and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit bring us, your pilgrim priests,

to be set forth upon the ocean of light which is the Trinity,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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